New alchemy & crafting game: Alchemy Emporium

Alchemy Emporium is a managerial fantasy, where starting from the purchase of the raw material you will have to discover new potions and then sell them to customers and make a profit.

Among the noteworthy aspects, we have a book of potions to discover generated in a procedural way at the start of each game, up to 18,000 different potions can be generated.

The aim of the developers is to create a game experience with always different elements, so that each game maintains the same mechanics but at the same time allows the player to implement different game strategies.

Here are some of the main features of the game:
– Over the course of your adventure, you will be accompanied by companions such as Dragons, Imps, skeletons and many more! Hire them and level them up upgrading their skills;
– A dynamic events, quests, and weather system will throw new challenges your way all the time;
– Spend some time reading the rare knowledge tomes in the library and upgrade your character with over 228 different skills! Then, keep those books in your library for future reference, or sell them in the shop;
– The goals your business partners will assign you are generated parametrically, offering over 1 million possibilities, making every game unique;
– The world of Alchemy is hard and devious, all alchemists will try anything to be successful. Great prices and potions aren’t enough to get ahead, you’ll need to attack your rivals before they have a chance to attack you. Choose a sabotage and recruit a saboteur, but careful not to get caught: for every action there is an equal and opposite revenge!

The game will initially be released in English but will receive localization in many other languages in the months following its release.

The launch date has not yet been announced but we are talking about a few months.

The Steam page is available through this link:

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