How to play Xbox Game Pass games on your Smartphone / Tablet (Portia and Farming Simulator for example)

How to play Xbox Game Pass games on your Smartphone / Tablet

Xbox Game Pass Compare Chart
  1. Get the Game Pass Ultimate. Either directly from the Microsoft Store on the Xbox or from other retailers. For example: Amazon
    2. Download the Game Pass app from the Play Store.
    3. Open the app and log in.
    4. Go to the Cloud Tab (see video)

5. Choose a game and start it
6. Now connect your controller (you need a Bluetooth enabled controller like this one.
7. The Game Pass app will automatically open the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone
8. Press the XBOX button in the middle of the controller.
9. Press the Connect button on the left side of the controller head.
10. The Xbox logo in the controller should now flash quickly.
11. Now start the Bluetooth scan on your cell phone.
12. After a few seconds the controller should be displayed and can be paired.
13. Leave the settings and go back to the Game Pass app.
14. After a few seconds the app recognizes the connected controller and starts streaming.

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