Farmer’s Dynasty adds new seeds and machines today

Attention farmers! The extended farming fun starts today on your fields and farm! Toplitz Productions releases a free update and two wonderful DLCs for the unique farming simulation “Farmer’s Dynasty”.

Farmer’s Dynasty – Machines Pack

With the new Farmer’s Dynasty Machines Pack you will be able to extend your fleet of equipment and increase your collection. They will make your work lighter, more pleasant, and less tiring, leaving you with more time to socialise and explore the town. 


  • Gecko Strong 09

A powerful and agile tractor that will provide you with more power on the field.

  • Fliegl DK 110-88 

A practical pendant that you can easily couple with others.

  • Borne Special 281

A real classic tractor that will bring you pure retro feeling to your farm.

  • Krampe Big Body 900 

A huge trailer with a capacity of 28,000 kilograms that will make your deliveries easy and convenient.

  • Amazone D9 6000 

The biggest seed drill in the whole game. It will make planting your fields a breeze.

Farmer’s Dynasty – Potatoes & Beets DLC

Potatoes & Beets – plant and cultivate new crops, use all new machines, and sell your new products at the all new Farmer’s Market!


  • Potato Seeder Machine (helps you with planting).
  • Potato Harvester (allows easier and faster harvesting).
  • Beet Seeder Machine (helps with planting).
  • Beet Harvester (allows easier and faster harvesting).


  • Potatoes and beets.


  • Warehouse for potatoes and beets (will help you keep your farm well organized).
  • Agricultural Market (allows to sell your harvests, it has fluctuating prices).
  • KI Staff (helps with planting and harvesting new vegetables).
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