Win the Toasty Tabby for 30 days in Farmville Novel Nosh-up event – Complete Guide

The Novel Nosh-Up event has started and it will last for 18 days.

Go to the event location to see which items you need to craft in your current phase.

Phase 2

The event has 5 phases and if you finish with phase 5 you will get farm hand Toasty Tabby for 30 days.

Phase 3

Phase 410 Key, 3 Gold Stamp, and 8 Golden Gloves

Phase 5
Temporary Place of Interest: Sumptuous Showcase
The Sumptuous Showcase is a temporary area where you can get event items needed in each recipe. For example, it will drop the Lemon Verbena needed in Phase 1. You have to make Wooden Ladle at the Windmill which will be used to craft for event items.

Phase 1

Make Zesty Coleslaw at the Dairy with 2 Lemon Verbena, 2 Tomato and 2 Carrot

Phase 2

For the Strawberry Fudge Drink you will need 2 Hot Fudge, 2 Strawberry Milk, 1 Flour.

To mix the Blackberry Smoothie you will need 1 Macadamia Nuts, 1 Sugar and 2 Blackberries

To bake the Butter Pie you will need 1 Potato and 1 Butter

For the Hot Fudge Cake you will need 1 Hot Fudge and 1 Flour

Phase 3

For the Eggiote you need 1 Achiote, 1 Chives and 3 Eggs.

To craft the Black Garlic Oil you will need 1 Achiote, 1 Black Garlic and 2 Herb Butter.

To cook the Rustic Garlic Soup you will need 1 Black Garlic, 1 Achiote and 1 Farmers Soup.

For the Peachy Achiote you will need 1 Achiote and 2 Peach.

To make the Fried Cheesiness you need 2 Black Garlic Oil, 1 Pan Fries and 2 Goat Cheese.

Phase 4

For the Carrot Carriage you need 3 potato, 3 carrot and 3 tomato.

For the Crackling Yogurt you need 2 Cherimoya, 2 Honeycomb and 2 Peach Yoghurt.

To bake the Flower Rolls you will need 2 Carrot Carriage, 2 Pumplin Flowers and 4 Flour.

For the Floral Mount you need 1 Carrot Carriage, 2 Pumplin Flowers

For the Cherimoya Lava Flow you will need 1 Cherimoya and 1 Sugar.

Phase 5

For the Waxed Fabric Bag you will need 1 Paraffin Wax and 2 Blanket.

To craft the Cozy Crochet Teapot you will need 2 Marbled Teapot and 1 Wool.

For the Marbled Teapot you just need 1 Marbled Clay.

For the Fruit Bowl you need 1 Marbled Clay and 2 Beeswax Candle.

To craft the Wax Floret Urn you need 2 Paraffin Wax, 1 Fruit Bowl and 2 Tin Button.

To craft the Pumpkin Dolly you will need 1 Marbled Clay, 1 Paraffin Wax and 3 Corn Husk Doll.

Good luck and enjoy the guide.

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