Hay Day gets big update with Farm Pass – see all whats new

The new Farm Pass runs every month, for the entire month, for players at level 11 and up.

When Farm Pass starts, the sneaky Baby Chicks run away from their little house. You tap the Chick House to open the Farm Pass menu.

There are two parts on the Farm Pass road. Everyone has access to the Free Road, which is this bottom part of the road, but there are better rewards for players who purchased the Farm Pass.

Purchasing the Farm Pass gives you access to all the rewards for the whole month. On the Farm Pass Road, you can get rewards like XP points, coins, expansion materials, permits, puzzle pieces and more.

The Pass also brings an exclusive new type of reward Perks. These are things that enhance your game experience.

There are currently 10 types of Perks, and most of them are active for the entire Farm Pass season, once you collect them.

There is the Derby Task Reactivation Perk. Once during every Derby, you can reactivate an expired task. Your progress on the task remains, but the timer is fully reset. And this does not use an extra Derby task from your total.

Another perk is the additional Booster slot. Get one extra free slot for your active Boosters for the entire Pass season. This means that you can have two Boosters active at any time for free.

Also there will be extra Truck Helps, extra Town Helps, extra Boat Helps. It means you can request help on one extra item. These three perks last until the Farm Pass season ends.

An extra free Wheel of Fortune spin.Once per day, you can spin the Wheel one extra time, for free. Again, until the Farm Pass season ends.

And there’s also a free Valley Fuel Spin Perk, which works pretty much the same way.

There are more Neighborhood requests! Place two Neighborhood requests at the same time during the entire Pass season,

More production slots. Choose one of three different Production Buildings and expand its production queue with two extra slots for the entire Pass season.

There’s a Neighborhood Diamond Gifting Perk.This is something special for all the Neighborhoods. Getting this perk allows you to give Diamonds to five Neighbors. The gift goes into the Neighborhood chat and the first five Neighbors to claim it, get those sweet Diamonds. This is a one time Perk.

You unlock Farm Pass rewards by completing Pass goals. These are things you do on your Farm, like planting, harvesting, fishing, feeding animals, et cetera, and they give Pass points.

Goals are divided into Daily and Seasonal. Daily Goals are simple, easy to complete, and they only last for 24 hours. After that, you get new Daily Goals.

Seasonal Goals are larger and give more Pass points, and they last the entire Pass season, so there’s no rush. Every week, new Seasonal Goals are added to your list

With the Pass points you get for completing goals, your Baby Chick advances on the Pass Road and unlocks rewards for you. The more points, the farther the Chick walks, the more rewards you get.

Players who purchased the Farm Pass can collect all rewards on the Road, including all Perks.

By the way the sneaky runaway Baby Chicks, which are scattered along the Road. Reaching them will bring them to live on your farm.That is, until the next Farm Pass season starts, and they run away again.

But that’s not all. Dress up your farm animals with fun and super duper exclusive hats.

Every Farm Pass season, you can get a new hat, and they’re yours to keep, even after the Farm Pass season is over.

To use them, drag this new icon to the animal pen, and the Hat menu will open. Tap on a hat, tap on a farm animal and voilà, animals with hats. Here, you can also see the seasonal outfits, like for summer or winter time, and choose whatever suits your fancy.

An animal can only wear one accessory at a time, like a winter scarf or a Farm Pass hat.

But animals in the same pen can wear different accessories. When you get enough Pass Points to finish the Pass Road, that’s it.

The update is right around the corner, so you’ll soon get a chance to give this new feature a try.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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