Hay Day new products coming december 2020

Hay Day players will receive a smaller update this month. With the update new products will be ready to be crafted. See here the full list with all new products in Hay Day.

There will be Stuffed Peppers, find them in the Barbecue Grill.

Gingerbread Cookies for the holidays, find them in the Bakery.

Also in time for the holidays is the Chocolate Roll in the Cake Oven.

If you prefer something more decadent, head to the Deep Fryer for Fried Candy Bars.

You can also cool down with a Peanut Butter Milkshake made in the Ice Cream Maker.

If you prefer something salty, you could make Snack Mixes in the Popcorn Pot.

And how about some pie? Bake Chocolate Pies in the Pie Oven.

Don’t forget your veggies. The beautiful Veggie Bouquet can be made in the Flower Shop.

Lastly, tasty and comforting Rice Balls are coming to the Sushi Bar.

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