A Little Shop In Squirrel Town – Farming, Shopkeeping, Fishing, Mining Game for PC

You will become the shopkeeper of grocery shop in Squirrel Town to run your own shop, replenish your stock, sell, make a profit, kill monsters, manufacture outfits, engage in agriculture, angle, cook delicious food, feed monsters and save Monster Forest controlled by the evil crystal.



  • Run a shop to collect ingredients, cook delicious means, sew and sell clothes, attract customers to purchase, make furniture and expand your shop to a large grocery shop from a small one.


  • Put the cubs of hen, rabbit and monster in the pasture and you can obtain their yields everyday.


  • Plant diverse crops, purchase farmlands, purchase flowerpots to cultivate lands in the shop, and develop it into a automated farm.


  • Join Adventurer Union to explore Monster Forest, collect various ingredients, capture monster cubs, and produce outfits and weapons by means of the collected materials to make yourself stronger.


  • There are abundant stocks of fish in Moon Lake and you can obtain treasure boxes and capsule toys if you are lucky. Feed the elf with fish and then it can help you sell goods and kill monsters.
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