Farm Frenzy Refreshed is now on Steam with a 20 % release-discount

Farm Frenzy is now available on Steam and is ready to win over a whole new set of fans!

The series’s classic gameplay returns: players must turn their humble farm into a profitable agrobusiness. Take care of animals, get the farm in order and harvest crops. And if you run into a bear or other dangerous animals, don’t worry! You have all the tools you need to take care of them.

What’s different about the new Farm Frenzy? First, the are some graphical changes. All the animal models, buildings and backgrounds have been created in 3D from scratch. The game now has a dynamic day/night cycle, which means you can now collect produce and take care of the animals while watching the sunset. This helps to create a real farming atmosphere.

Players will also appreciate the gameplay changes – every level now has weather conditions that affect gameplay. On sunny days, grass in levels disappears much faster and needs to be watered. When it rains, grass grows without watering. The game also features new animals such as horses and foals, which come with their own special gameplay mechanics.

But despite the new additions, the game offers the same Farm Frenzy experience that has already won over millions of players worldwide!

To mark its release, the game is currently available on Steam at a 20% discount.

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