Cute new farming game SEEDS OF FRIENDSHIP starts in PC EA on March 16th 2021

You’ve just inherited your grandfathers farm, and already someone wants to take it. The evil Mega Corp Regeneration has it’s sights set on your land, but with how hard you work they won’t even get close!

Plant and Harvest Crops!
With Scythe, Hoe, Hammer, and Axe turn your overgrown fields into a gold mine of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Build and Raise Animals!
Using the wood and stone from your overgrown fields craft barns, sheds, and chicken coops to house your animal companions. Keep them happy and they’ll reward you with a bountiful harvest.

Restore an Animal Sanctuary
Many animals have escaped “Regeneration’s” testing labs. Build them a new home and recruit them to your animal sanctuary so they can live their lives in peace!

Every character has a story, give them gifts and spend time with them to learn their life’s goals and desires. Become good friends and you might just get something in return.

Fishing | Foraging | Bug Collecting!
Toss your line into the water to grab succulent and rare fish, or search the town for rare plants and insects.

Mysterious cryptids are rumored to be around town… use your keen senses to find and befriend them!

Play as half a dozen different animals and customize them with different furs and clothing. Feeling dapper? Plop on a top hat. Feeling rustic? Throw a straw hat over your head.

Watch our first gameplay video, covering the first 2 days in Seeds Of Friendship:

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