Harvest Town is celebrating its 1st anniversary on iOS with a good deal of events

Harvest Town, a rich farming and life simulation mobile game, has announced the details for the first-anniversary celebration on iOS, which will be starting from 18th March and run until 8th April. It will introduce a collection of new events only on iOS.

Fantastic Town’s New Look

The town is renewed during the anniversary celebration. Balloons will be placed on the street to celebrate the arrival of the anniversary; pharmacies, shops, clothing stores and other buildings will be decorated with colorful flags and lights for the anniversary. There will be an exclusive Boby Statue placing in the square, which can be clicked on to get surprises and benefits!

Exclusive Whale Island

The whale-shaped picnic island that Foxy used to have will be officially managed by the player. Chiseling stones, cutting trees, weeding and planting land, furnishing and decorating…players can freely create an island with their own unique characteristics!

Mysterious Monster Market

At the ruins at 7 o’clock in the evening, the door to another world will be officially opened, where six brand new NPC monsters are gathered, running a mysterious business. The NPCs in the monster market bring a lot of interesting mini games, curse a certain resident in the town, or smash the easter eggs to draw prizes, or answer the fun questions…It will bring the players a wonderful experience in a different world.

Brand New Decorations

As long as players complete the special limited-time activities of the anniversary celebration and earn points, they can unlock the music theme skin, such as Music Bed, Piano Message Board, Piano Mailbox, Theater Building, Notes Teleport Matrix, etc. Freshen up your manor with these new skins now!

Beyond mentioned above, the iOS first-anniversary celebration also introduces a bunch of game content such as celebration orders, new costumes, new hairstyles, etc., which will bring a different and new experience to all players.

Harvest Town is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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