Sumikkogurashi Farm Update 2.0 Details

Sumikkogurashi Farm

These are the update infos from the developers:

We are pleased to inform you that we have implemented a new event where guest characters will come to Sumikko’s farm and character books for the farm game “Sumikkogurashi Farm Tsukurudesu” for smartphones. In addition, the total number of downloads has exceeded 1.5 million worldwide, and we are also holding a “1.5 million download breakthrough commemorative login bonus”.

・ Limited time Homon event “Bread store manager Homon” is held
A new event where guests visit the newly implemented Sumiko’s farm. For the first time, it seems that the bakery manager of “Bakery Sumiko” came to see the state of Sumiko’s farm. At the event, points produced in the fields and facilities will be added as points, and you will receive in-game items according to the points you have earned. We will also announce the ranking based on the points earned.
Implementation period: 4/6 (Tuesday) 14: 00-4 / 12 (Wednesday) 23:59, Result announcement: 4/13 (Thursday)-

Sumikkogurashi Farm is built 2

Sumikko Gurashi is now available, which is a collection of Sumikko who appeared by visiting the farm and releasing the area through the character book event. You can learn more about Sumikko’s profiles and features.

Sumikkogurashi Farm is built 3

・ Login bonus
to commemorate over 1.5 million downloads We are currently distributing a login bonus to commemorate the cumulative total of over 1.5 million downloads worldwide.
Implementation period: 3/29 (Monday) -4/12 (Monday)

Sumikkogurashi Farm is built 4

We will continue to hold various events with the aim of creating a game that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

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