Kokopa’s Atlas – new farming & life sim announced for PC

Rediscover adventure as you craft, farm and explore in this bright, adorable life sim

Set off on a great adventure in Kokopa’s Atlas! Announced today via Wholesome Direct, Kokopa’s Atlas is the debut title from micro developer HyperMegaPixel, supported by indie game publisher Hitcents. Today, they officially announce their upcoming life sim RPG with a brand new gameplay trailer and Steam page.

Meet Kokopa – an excitable, courageous (and just a bit clumsy) galactic adventurer! During a simple trip to deliver a few routine packages, Kokopa crash lands on an uncharted planet. Filled with lush green fields, strange wildlife and the mysteries hiding in the wilderness, this strange land invites players on an adventure of countless possibility. 

Kokopa’s Atlas is a bright, fantastical farm and crafting adventure that aspires to create a sense of wonder and imagination in its players. Play your way, whether that’s terraforming this new planet, introducing yourself to the locals, honing your combat skills – or just enjoying the sunset with your feathered pal, and robotic ally Pollimero.
Players can also support the development of Kokopa’s Atlas through an upcoming Kickstarter – follow it here to be alerted once it goes live!

About Kokopa’s Atlas

Embark on a journey to a fantastical unknown planet in this procedurally generated farm & crafting adventure! In Kokopa’s Atlas, you’ll be hopping into the boots of the brave (but clumsy) Kokopa — a wannabe galactic hero — just as his ship crash lands on a strange, undocumented land.

Join Kokopa & his Biodroid bird friend Pollimero on their journey to explore this new, uncharted planet. As you plot, design, build, and farm your way to a better life on this fertile world, you’ll also have to watch out for the dangers of being an intergalactic traveler! Can you keep your new home safe from cosmic pirates, the local wildlife, and the dangerous mysteries the wilderness holds?

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