BIG FARM got a very good farming game for PC: BIG FARM STORY

BIG FARM STORY looks visually appealing, has a lot of fun content but also enough depth to get really into the game world, and all this for a fair one time price, without any microtransactions.

The developer also promised updates in the future, for example multiplayer features.

Watch the gameplay video of BIG FARM STORY here:

 Big Farm Story, is now available for PC players on Steam and the Microsoft Store at $19.99. Based on Goodgame Studios’ popular Big Farm brand, which has attracted more than 92 million players worldwide with titles like Big Farm and Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, Big Farm Story delivers a completely new gameplay experience where players can craft their own story by building their dream farm with friends and animals.
  After finding themselves on their missing grandfather’s abandoned farm, Big Farm Story players have the opportunity to rebuild the farm to its former glory, harvest crops and take care of animals on the land. Whether decorating the farm or farmhouse, visiting neighbors or making new friends in town, players can explore, craft and collect items in nearby forests or at the beach, as well as learn new skills like fishing or cooking.

“After seeing great success during its early access phase, we are really excited to launch Big Farm Story on Steam and the Microsoft Store,” said Simon Andrews, Head of Studio at Goodgame Studios. “All the player feedback we have received so far has helped us push the game to the next level, and we are thrilled for everyone to finally get their hands on the game.”

Alongside the full game, Big Farm Story players can also access a new, Asian-themed DLC, which includes a cuddly dwarf squirrel pet that accompanies them on their quest, 13 furniture and decorations items, building skins for player’s farmhouses, as well as a windmill, well and animal barns with unique designs.

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